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I've gone back and forth between corporate opportunities and salons for over 20  years. In 2019 I took a leap of faith and open my own Salon Suites & Spa to serve the community of Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown and the surrounding hill country.

In the beauty industry we have be lead to  that we need a big name brand to get build your 

 My vission is the change the beauty industry the inviroment to leadership and freedom for entrepreneurs to set their own hours, support their familys,  create their fortues as they see it.....

We are in a great location near high income neighborhoods and high traffic volume on highway 183. This highly sought after Hill Country residential area has access directly to the toll road. This is the ultimate business opportunity for stylists, esthetician and wellness professionals in Leander, Texas! 

decorate with a vission, charge for their skill level, and sell re. tail of their choosing.    

changes the fortunes of entrepreneur

Hair Washing
Smiling Model
Smiling Woman
Three Models
Window Suite.jpg
Hair Color
Nail Salon
Image by Henry & Co.
Image by Atikah Akhtar
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